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Carbon development

What makes a high-quality carbon credit?

A high-quality carbon credit accurately or conservatively represents greenhouse gas (GHG) emission...

How carbon markets can help Malaysia achieve its climate targets
Carbon development
How carbon markets can help Malaysia achieve its climate targets

Malaysia has the opportunity to not just meet its climate targets but also support the world...

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Carbon Offsets
Why are Nature-based Climate Solutions (NCS) essential to achieving Net-Zero targets?

Nature-based climate solutions (NCS) are an integral part of the path to Net-Zero. 

Carbon Offsets
Carbonomics of the VCM

The complete guide to understanding the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Carbon Development
Drivers & Impact of Deforestation

Every year the world loses around 5 million hectares of forest. 95% of this occurs in the tropics....

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Research PAPER
Case Studies of Company Climate Commitments

There has been significant growth in the number of companies making climate commitments or making...

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Code of Practice
Ensuring High-Integrity Voluntary Carbon Markets

The VCMI Claims Code of Practice comprises four components or steps, all of which companies must...

Policy paper
National Guidance on Voluntary Carbon Market

The National Guidance on Forest Carbon Market is not a legally binding document. It is intended to...

Carbon Development
Repurposing Palm Oil plot for carbon credits

There are a number of steps we can take to ensure we meet global demand for oils, without...

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Net Zero GHG Emissions and the Role of Carbon Markets

The “net zero” terminology has acted as a magnet for corporate climate commitments, with companies,...

Do rich countries export deforestation?

How much do people in rich countries contribute to deforestation overseas?To investigate this...

Carbon Offsetting
A dive into afforestation and insetting programmes

Before we look at trends in afforestation across the world specifically, it’s useful to understand...

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