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Beyond Offsets

Invest in your very own high-quality forest projects from the ground up, secure credits to reach Net Zero, and make a transformative impact on communities and ecosystems for generations to come.

Invest in your own best-in-class project, locking in credits at a fixed rate for decades to come.

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Design an Offset Strategy Tailored to Your Values

We will create your customised climate investment plan, in line with your company values and budget. We provide you with solutions for managing your carbon portfolio and analysing your project’s impact over time.

Invest in High Quality Certified Projects

All our projects are certified by the highest standards to ensure your contribution creates real-world impact. 

Invest in your very own high-quality forest projects from inception, secure credits to reach Net Zero, and make a real impact on communities and ecosystems for generations to come.

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Build Relationships With Local Conservationists

Our team personally sources quality projects & carries out due diligence to find projects that offer the highest environmental integrity. Our consortium consists of technicians and the most reputable organisations in conservation and regenerative practices.

Lock in a Fixed Carbon Price for Decades

The demand for high-quality, nature-based credits is outpacing supply. Prices are projected to rise 6x by 2035 and climbed 60% in 2021. As the scrutiny around these projects continues to increase, the pressure to make smart investments has never been greater.

We offer fair and transparent prices that ensure that a majority of your finance goes directly back into the project. We eliminate low-value intermediaries and shrink the carbon supply chain to offer real, rigorously quantified, and reliable credits.

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Advisory Services

Climate action plans that decrease emissions across your business and supply chain

Software with automated reports meeting all the latest international standards

High-quality carbon credits that impact Climate, Community & Biodiversity


Afforestation is a process of planting trees on land that has not been recently forested. Nusanterra offers landowners the opportunity to earn carbon revenue through our Afforestation projects and uses Verra’s afforestation, restoration and revegetation methodology for carbon removal verification. 

A carbon credit is a certificate that can be bought with the purpose of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. One credit usually represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) avoided or removed from the atmosphere. 

VCUs (Verified Carbon Units) are one type of carbon credit and one VCU represents a reduction or removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) achieved by a Verra project as part of their Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) program.

Reforestation projects grow trees, capturing carbon from the atmosphere as they grow. Avoided deforestation projects conserve and protect forests in danger of being cut down. They earn carbon credits by avoiding the emissions associated with this clear-cutting. 

We measure carbon, not trees!  Our reforestation projects will plant trees. But conservation or improved management projects usually are not planting trees. Several of our projects allow for natural reforestation, where the forest recovers on its own over time from degradation. After planting, often, seedlings will die. But a carbon verification process ensures you are supporting projects where trees are not just planted but grow and thrive.

Today, prices in the market range anywhere from around $5 per metric ton to $40 per metric ton based on location and type of project. That said, the cost of our portfolio is constant, no matter what project you receive. We believe in all of our projects, and as such, we have calculated the weighted average cost of purchasing credits from the projects we have verified, plus a small service fee. This is done to create a fair price for Nusanterra-verified carbon. 

Offset your carbon footprint